Top 20 High Fiber Foods You Should Eat Daily

High Fiber Foods

What Is Fiber?

Fiber is very important for our health and it is a plant-based nutrient. When we consume fiber it gives us a lot of health benefits and also prevents many diseases. Fiber is also good for digestion and absorption of what we eat and drink. When we eat high fiber foods they help our body to digest and absorb properly and also take out waste from our body.

There are two types of fibers (Soluble fibers and Insoluble fibers). Soluble fibers can be mixed with water and they help our body in controlling Cholesterol. They also prevent diseases like diabetes and blood sugar. On the other hand, Insoluble fibers help our body to wash out waste from it. Insoluble fibers also help us in weight loss.

One thing that is very important for our health is that we should daily consume high fiber foods. A new study suggests that fiber also helps with stroke and coronary artery disease. So it is best to add fiber to your daily diet and it can lead to its wonderful benefits. A high fiber diet helps improve the size of your stool and also help soften it if you are having any constipation related issues. For women, it is recommended to consume 25gram of fiber per day and for men, it is recommended to consume 38gram of fiber per day. 

A lot of people take different types of fiber pills to achieve their daily fiber intake. But it is best to consume fiber through natural foods. In this article, we will discuss some fiber rich foods.

Fiber Rich Foods


  • 1. Broccoli

Broccoli is a famous vegetable that contains a lot of fiber. It’s estimated that a person can get about 2.6 grams of fiber per 100 grams of broccoli which is good for health. Additionally, you can also get a lot of vitamins including vitamins K and C.


  • 2. Avocados

Avacado is also a good high fiber food. Avocado contains the perfect amount of healthy fat with a lot of fiber. On average you can get 6.7 grams of fiber per 100 grams of avocado. You can also add avocado to your salad and also eat it with your toast for extra taste.


  • 3. Chickpeas

Foods that contain a lot of fiber also include Chickpeas. It is not commonly used in meals but chickpeas are very rich in fiber. On average for every 100 grams of chickpeas, you can get 7.6 grams of fiber. Chickpeas are also low in calories and a great source of fiber.


  • 4. Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are good in taste and very rich in fiber. One sweet potato has about 3.8 grams of fiber. If you like some crunchy stuff then make sweet potato fries.


  • 5. Carrots

Carrots are famous for your eyesight vision but carrot is also in the list of foods that have fiber in them. On average you can get 2.8 grams of fiber per 100 grams of carrots. Carrots are also very low in calories and help you stay fit and in good shape.


Bananas are one of the healthiest fruit and they are extremely good for health. And Bananas are also a high source of fiber. On average one banana contains 3.1 grams of fiber. According to the doctor’s suggestions, it is very good for health to eat at least two bananas a day.


  • 7. Strawberries

Strawberries are one of the tastiest fruit and very high in fiber. They are very good for health and also very low in calories. Strawberries contain 2 grams of fiber per 100 grams. You can consume strawberries even with snacks and desserts or even through strawberry shake.


  • 8. Dark Chocolates

Dark chocolate is full of essential nutrients that is good for your health. It is also beneficial for lowering the risk of heart disease. Dark chocolate is also one of the healthy high fiber foods. On average every 100 gram of dark chocolate contains 10.9 grams of fiber.


  • 9. Popcorn

Popcorn is a guilt-free snack. On average popcorn contains 14.5 grams of fiber per 100 grams of popcorn. You should only consume air-popped popcorn instead of those which contain a lot of butter or other fatty ingredients as they can decrease the fiber in them.


  • 10. Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are not very common among people but they are really good for your body and health. These are some of the foods that have a lot of fiber. They have more than 35 percent of the fiber in them. You can consume chia seeds in very easy ways. Just sprinkle them on your smoothie or daily meals. Chia seeds are also one of the foods with the most fiber.


  • 11. Apples

This is very true that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are very juicy and full of taste and very good for your health. They are also one of the best fiber food sources. Approximately one apple contains 4.4 grams of fiber.


  • 12. Almonds

Almonds are very good in taste and can be eaten at any time in the day. They are also low in calories and one of the foods that are full of fiber. Almonds contain 12.5 grams of fiber per 100 grams.


  • 13. Oats

Oats are a very common food among people and many people consume oats daily especially for breakfast. And Oats are also one of the fiber content foods. On average oats contains 10.6 percent of the fiber in them. They are also useful for your digestive system and to manage your weight.


  • 14. Pears

Pears are not very famous or common fruit but very good in taste. They are also one of the healthy fiber foods. A normal-sized pear contains 5.5 grams of fiber.


  • 15. Kidney Beans

Kidney beans are very beneficial for health with a lot of many other health benefits. These are also rich in fiber. On average kidney beans contain 6.4 percent of fiber. Kidney beans can be consumed with your daily meals and they also add extra taste to your meals.


  • 16. Lentils

Lentils are also one of the foods with lots of fiber. They are also cheap in price and you can consume them by adding them to your salad or meals. Lentils are also full of protein. On average one cup of lentils contains 15.5 grams of fiber.


  • 17. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts is a vegetable that is very good for your health and is one of the fiber filled foods. On average 100 grams of brussels sprouts can contain 2.6 grams of fiber. Their addition to your meals can get you extra fiber in your body.


  • 18. Rice

Rice is also one of the good fiber foods. As compared to white rice brown rice have more fiber in it. One cupped of fully cooked brown rice has approximately 3.5 grams of fiber.


  • 19. Raspberries

Raspberries are also a good source of fiber. They also contain vitamins C and manganese. On average raspberries contains 8 grams of fiber.


  • 20. Quinoa

Quinoa is also a good source of fiber. It is also good in taste and full of protein with fiber. Quinoa is guilt-free and on average one cup of quinoa contains 5.2 grams of fiber.

Summary Of High Fiber Foods

We have listed some of the fiber rich foods. If you add them to your daily meals then your lifestyle is going to be definitely more healthy and fit. High fiber foods will also help you lose weight and also improves the digestive system of your body.


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