Back Pain: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

back pain

Back Pain

Back Pain is a very common issue among people. Most of the time it is resulted due to the strain of a muscle and usually, it feels like ache, stiffness, or tension. Back pain can be resulted in any person of any age due to many different reasons.

Most commonly there are two types of back pains. One is upper back pain and the other is lower back pain. There can be two reasons for upper back pain. Acute and chronic cases. Acute cases can be related to inflammation or short term injuries to the thoracic spine. Chronic can be long term causes of back pain due to damaged nerves or the bones of the spines.

Lower back pain is the most common type of back pain. Lower back pain can be resulted due to bad posture, sitting at the same place for long hours, and working without any break. Lack of exercise and an unhealthy lifestyle can also become the cause of back pain.


Causes Of Back Pain

  • Strains

Muscle strains or sprains can cause back pain and that’s the most common back pain causes. Luckily they can be very self-limited and go away in a short amount of time. Strains can be caused by an incorrect way of lifting things or bending down in an incorrect way.

  • Poor Posture

People can also suffer inflammation or arthritis which can affect joints in the back including sacroiliac joints and the facet joints and they become back pain reasons. Bad posture and movements can also cause back pain. When you are texting, reading, or working while sitting on a chair. It’s very important to sit in proper posture. Because in poor posture your shoulders will be rounded and your neck will be down and that poor posture will cause neck pain, shoulder pain, and back pain.

  • Structural Issues

Structural problems can also lead to back pain issues. Every vertebra in the spine is surrounded by disks. If the disk ruptures it will put pressure on the nerve and that will cause pain in your back. Kidney infection or kidney stones can also cause back pain.

  • Arthritis

Spinal osteoarthritis can also become one of the back pain reasons. Spinal osteoarthritis is caused by damage and deterioration in the cartilage of joints in the lower back. With time, this can lead to narrowing of the spinal column or spinal stenosis.


Back Pain Symptoms And Signs

There are many back pain symptoms including

  • Sharp
  • Shooting
  • Stabbing
  • Throbbing
  • Tender
  • Burning
  • Cramping
  • Aching
  • Dull or stiff
  • Heavy Pressure
  • Pain with numbness and tingling
  • Sometimes pain starts in the back and spreads to the buttocks, hips, thighs, feet. They can also be called radicular or referred pain.

If any of the pain occurs it’s best advised to see your doctor.

Prevention Of Back Pain

There are many ways through which you can prevent back pain. Some of them are

Proper Diet: Doctors suggest that a good diet can lead to many health benefits. Consuming foods that can provide you proper vitamins, calcium and fiber can prevent many diseases including back pain.

Exercise: Daily core exercises for back pain can also lead to a healthy lifestyle. Strengthening core exercises and back exercises can also prevent back pain.

Weight: Back pain from lifting weights or carrying different heavy items can lead to back pain issues. It is better to carry less weighted things and put less pressure on your back. If you need to carry heavy items then ask for someone’s help.

Good Posture: Try to maintain proper posture while working, reading, or just checking your mobile. If you are sitting on a chair then your back should be upright and your head should also be straight.


Treatment Of Back Pain

Ice And Heat

Applying ice or heat whichever makes you feel better can help in reducing back pain. You can use this therapy several times a day. Be aware, It’s not advised to put ice directly on your back, It’s better to wrap ice in a towel and gently massage it on your back.


Two anti-inflammatory medications (ibuprofen and naproxen) can help reduce back pain. Many people take these medications and it helps them relieve their back pain and continue their daily activities.

Note: Not everyone should take these medications. Visit your doctor if you are pregnant or allergic or if you take blood thinner medication or have any kind of ulcers or kidney problems or other medical conditions.

Physical Activities

It is very important to be physically active to get rid of back pain. People with good physical health usually recover very fast from back pain issues. Stretching and strengthening your back and stabilizing your core which includes your diaphragm, abdomen, back buttock, and leg muscles can speed recovery.


Back pain is a common issue and you can get rid of it in many ways. You should see your doctor if you have serious pain. If you have less pain or feeling ache or stretch on your back then yoga and exercises can be a powerful thing to resolve back pain problems.


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